Hosptal Informaton Management System (HIMS)

Our Hosptal Informaton Management System (HIMS) is the ultimate solution for health care centers who aim for international standardization. To mention some of its features.

  • Enables the care provider to practice the SOAP approach to the fullest, this made It a prominent health care system.
  • Prints ID cards with unique barcode label for each patient.
  • Comprises patient schedule and billing status controlling mechanisms.
  • Generates in PDF format patient encounter history.
  • Sends requests to the laboratory and radiology departments and receives results instantly which saves time and resources and adds clarity and comfort to the working process.

Educational Management Information System(EMIS)

Our EMIS is a web based application developed based on the requirement study from manual work process of most Ethiopian elementary and high-schools, The schools who are currently using this system witnessed how much it saved time, cost and energy they used to spend controlling the day to day chores of running a school. The best quality of this system is you can customize it according to your school's working process from a comfort of your chair, so you don't need to learn how to use a new software, working procedure and worry about employees training, when you use EMIS you will start state-of-the art technology to run your school instantly.

Why web based?

Web based application has the following advantages

  • System can be accessed from mobile phones and the like
  • Database will be centralized and secured
  • No need to worry about computer viruses and information loss
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Database can be accessed from every branch(any where) and no information lag
  • No worries about hard ware failure and networking problems


We build beautiful web applications with modern technologies!

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